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Peloton Calibration Instructions

Over the past couple years I have provided custom and continually updated calibration instructions for the Peloton bike.

First, why would you ever pay for instructions? First, I love dogs, they are the best thing in the world and if I can provide some type of financial support to rescues through providing this benefit to fellow Peloton riders I will. Second all other instructions on the web, Facebook, Reddit, Peloton, etc are either completely wrong or so poorly written that you will waste hours upon hours trying to use them or you will completely mess your bike up - please, try them, you will be back.

I ask that a minimum of $10.00 be donated USING THIS LINK , less than the price of a Super Sized Quarter Pounder Meal; once you donate I will receive an email and I will then follow up with a PDF of the instructions. All I ask is that you do not share these with others for the sake of the doggos that receive these funds - please keep them to yourself and if someone else needs them please direct them to this web site.

If you have a bike I’m hoping you can handle the $10; if not, trust me I get it, you can always go straight to Peloton and try to follow their directions.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS – if you ever feel your donation is not worth it then simply shoot me an email and no questions asked, no pressure, zero issues, I will simply refund your PayPal donation ASAP!

To help you through the written instructions and assuming you have the calibration tools, you can use this video to supplement the calibration process – Peloton Calibration Video.

To be very clear, none of the funds donated go to me, they go to Retrievers & Friends of Southern California, a shelter where I got the two knuckleheads you see below. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Charlotte (The Good One & The Mother) / Benjamin (The Bad One & The Son)

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